January 10, 2012

2011 - In Review - July to September

Fireworks, sunny weather, afternoons at the fountains.... these are a few of the the things that filled our summer days. Along with.......

A Harry Potter birthday party to celebrate Aviana turning 6.

A weekend camping trip/triathlon in Idaho.

Ukrainian Day, which took up every moment of our 2 week trip home.

Camping at Bear Lake with friends.

A bow and arrow for Cole.

A quick weekend trip to NY for just us. A big step as parents. The kids survived and we loved being at our friend's wedding.

I can't believe our baby is 4!

Aviana loved cheerleading. She made her aunt proud.

We finally found a ballet studio that we love.

Cole's making his mark in the theater community of SLC.

Cole started at a charter school and despite constant obsessing (by me) over what is best for each of the kids, I think it's working out great.

One more flash back tomorrow and then I promise, we'll be moving on.

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danc said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE These updates! Wonderful pics! Everyone looks great:) Love and miss you all:)
Grandma Darlene