January 10, 2012

Putting off my blogging responsibilities until tomorrow.

Today was a long day. Tuesdays I'm at school with Cole in the morning and then usually school in the afternoon with the girls. But today I had a lunch meeting downtown, which meant scooping up the girls quickly on my way to pick Cole up from school, then squeezing in some school work and a snack before theater class. Then it was off to the Jazz game. Way fun, unless you're 4 and your mom won't spend more than $10 at the snack bar. We rode Trax down there and that was a huge hit with everyone, myself included. Jeremy's back in class tonight and my book club reading is calling to me, so I'm dropping the ball on my blogging promise and heading off to read in bed. Good Night.

 Oh, and our dishwasher is broken, so that's a big bummer. Here's to washing dishes by hand for a while. 

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