January 09, 2012

2011 - In Review - April to June

 The weather in the spring was abnormally wet, but much appreciated by me. Except for in the instance in which the extreme rains caused flooding in our basement. I could have done without that experience. By spring we had come out of our "we just moved here" inability to get out and do a whole lot. The kids started up some activities and with the winter behind us we were more ready to get out and explore.

Lego Club was a good way to meet some other kids, but it was a bit far away. So after last year's enjoyment we decided to start our own and have been able to meet some kids in our own neighborhood.

Alidia is probably our most studious child. She loves school and would do workbook activities all day long if I'd let her.

We did make it out to the beach on our first trip home, but only got this one blurry picture. I'm hopeful we'll make it to the beach this spring as well.

Race weekend was a blast. Cole and Aviana ran the kids run with their cousin James. Jeremy ran the marathon and I ran the half. Alidia cheered us all on, but this year she'll be joining the crew for the kids run!

The tulips never disappoint, but the uncooperative kids made it difficult to capture a single photo of everyone together.

Easter was gorgeous and sunny and a great community celebration!

I pulled off a big surprise party for Jeremy's birthday and the pinata was a big hit.....

There is of course plenty more to recollect, including sports camp, dance class, Aviana's first lost tooth and lots of afternoons spent enjoying the sunshine. It makes me long for spring, which is a rough place to be since we just experienced our first significant snowfall of the year this weekend.

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danc said...

LOVE the updates and photos! Hope you are all feeling great and doing well. Miss you and Love you all very much!
Grandma Darlene