January 06, 2012

2011 - In Review - January to March

As I set out to find great pictures to commemorate 2011, I was completely underwhelmed by the number of quality photos in the computer files. However, there is no shortage of photos of kids being crazy, knee deep in projects, with bedraggled hair and missing items of clothing. To be fair, that's general how it goes around here. So long as we're all having fun and to some extent learning something, the way we look and the chaos that surrounds us don't really seem to matter too much. I kind of like it that way.

Valentine's Candy houses

Our lovely backyard birds.

A morning of painting.

Evidence that we are not from this part of the country. To these kids, sunshine means that the hose comes out to play as do tank-tops. Never mind that it's technically still winter.

Our library has some awesome programs and we are pretty much at every single one. Yep, we're nerds like that.

Next week....... the rest of 2011....

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Julia said...

Ah, missing items of clothing... I have found that I am taking fewer pictures of Violet these days because she is so often without pants. Maybe I should take them anyway.