September 01, 2011

Robin Hood in training

 As an early birthday present from Papa, Cole received a bow and arrow. So last week we drove out to the other side of the airport and found a neglected dirt road to set up some boxes and test drive the new bow.

Cole's form and accuracy totally impressed me. I guess the $8 class at the archery place was well spent.


He was even gracious enough to give his little sister a try.

And his dad.

 At first everyone was eager to run and pick up the arrows after they'd all been shot.

 But then little girls got hot and tired.

And dad started being a clown.

So after a few more shots, we loaded up and went and had slurpies. 

In our library stack this week.......Robin Hood books and movies galore.

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Tibbslove said...

Love that boy. He's truly special... in a great way.