August 30, 2011

Bear Lake

Over the weekend we went camping up at beautiful Bear Lake. 

The first night we camped with a whole bunch of friends anticipating an early morning wake up call for the race. Jeremy was up and out on the course by 7am for the half-ironman distance, with some of our friends following him into the water over the next few hours for the olympic and sprint distances.

No, there is no running picture. Not even a finish line shot. Because despite the fact that the kids are great race fans and have a lot of patience and understanding for what it means to be a race spectator.....after 5 hours of running from place to place tracking three different races in greater heat than we had anticipated I needed just one less thing to weigh me down and keep track of, so the camera had to go.

By late afternoon, all our fellow campers had departed. And we had the next night and day to hang out and relax just the 5 of us. 

Cole spent the majority of the weekend with his fishing pole in hand. At least when he wasn't poking at something with his pocket knife. He left the weekend with a bit of a broken heart though, since he didn't catch anything AND somewhere in the grasses of the campground he lost his pocket knife. 

The girls were gleeful and shoeless more often than not. We caught frogs and spotted rabbits. We even saw a baby moose, but no momma, which was of great concern to Alidia. They practiced their cheers.....a lot.  Enough to drive even Aunt Katie nuts. And then they wanted their pictures taken by the lake.

We swam in the clear water and roasted lots of marshmallows. Alidia may or may not have eaten BBQ chips for breakfast one day. We stayed up late by the campfire and looked at the stars and watched lightning strike on the the other side of the lake. 

Aviana took more showers in two days than she does at home in a week (she even asked me if daddy could build her a shower like the one they had there, for some reason she thought it was really neat how it turned off on it's own after about 10 seconds.)

Then Sunday afternoon we headed for home and discovered that we just might learn to like Utah after all. Because Logan Canyon is full of gorgeous trees, meadows, forests, a winding river, and did I mention trees..... big green fir trees......lots of them!!  It was a lovely sight to wrap up an incredible weekend.


danc said...

WOW! Awesome pics! THANKS!! Congrats on the Ironman Jeremy! Thanks for sharing:) We miss you all terribly! We got the priviledge of watching Gavin for David and Ashley ( actually Beth was supposed to watch him too:)) He is such a sweet baby! It made us think of all our grandbabies and how much we have missed!
Love to all! Grandma Darlene!!

Tibbslove said...

Great photos, Emily. Looks like waiting for that perfect lightening pic really paid off. Oh! And Jeremy looks like a real stud in the photo after his swim. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

Love you guys.

Sarah said...

awww what fun.