August 06, 2011

Ukrainian Day August 13th!

For the first time this year all these kids will be dancing alongside their mothers. I have been a part of Veselka, a Ukrainian dance troupe for 19 years now. Way back when we even graced the poster that advertised the yearly festival.   (I'm the one in the are looking at the back of my head.)

 Well to make a long story short it's been about 5 years since the last big performance. Since all us girls last danced together we've all gotten married and between the 3 sets of sisters that are reuniting to dance there are now almost 20 children and about half of them are old enough to be dancing along with us next Saturday.

Ukrainian Day
Saturday August 13th
704 Aspen St. Springfield, OR
Performances at 11:00 and 2:00

(Come at 11 for the complete show with welcome, ribbon ceremony, and all the youngest ages dancing.)

There will be food and crafts and lots of dancing of course!

My little sister will be getting her ribbons this year and me and my family span all but one dance group from the littlest Melankee group all the way up through the Senior dancers and on into the reuniting of all of us mom's in a dance we've done together for years. So come and watch us, it will be fun!

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