July 06, 2011

The first Egg

Tonight Cole and Aviana went to the library with dad. There was much anticipation for him to come home so they could go pick up the movie they had on hold there. 

Alidia stayed home with me and we went out to feed and water the chickens. She's a little less than in love with one chicken in particular who finds her to be a good sized person for pecking at. So she wasn't having a lot of fun with me, until she saw THE EGG. 

She went into the coop, grabbed the egg and protected it fiercely from that aforementioned pecking chicken so that she could present it to her siblings upon their return home. 

Great excitement in our house tonight. Breakfast will certainly be a party tomorrow!

**Yes, I know my kid has a snotty nose and dirty fingernails in these pictures. I like to keep it real.**

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danc said...

HEY ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!! We miss you and FEEL ABSOLUTLEY AWEFUL that we missed our little girls special birthday!!! Sent a package yesterday... be looking ofr it in the mail! We love you all so much! PLease forgive our forgetfullness!!
Love MUCH!! Grandma Darlene