June 21, 2011


When we first moved into our house there was a giant hedge in front of it. Like obscenely giant. We couldn't even see the street from our front window. We took the chainsaw to it and were amazed by how much wider the path to the front door became once it was gone.
It was great to have it gone and we had a ton of neighbors comment on how nice it was that we took it out. However, the remaining roots were less than pleasant. They were a death trap for small children and a feat of acrobatic balance for the daring older kids, which resulted in lots of scraped ankles and shins.

 A few weeks ago our friend Matt got some guys and a truck together and they pulled all the roots up. I'm pretty sure he feared for his son's safety in playing at our house, but we appreciated his motivating effort none the less! I'm not sure how many guys we needed looking at the picture above...... but they were rockstars and had the whole row out before lunch.

It looks so much better. I love it.

And for this year it's a decent place for our pathetic little garden.


Tibbslove said...
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Tibbslove said...

That was a fun day. And nice work on the action shots!