September 02, 2011

Dance Practice

We were in Oregon for two weeks and the majority of those two weeks was spent upstairs in a big red barn.

From 10- 3 everyday at least one Cox kiddo was upstairs dancing, momma was often found downstairs working on costumes and the other kiddos and their cousins were running around in the field between the barn and the church playing with the parachute, chasing new friends, or engrossed in Polly Pocket adventures.

Alidia and her new pal Maddie were some of the only little ones who were sitting around waiting for big sister's to dance. They seemed to find ways to entertain themselves just fine.

James got a little one on one instruction from Leo. After so many years of learning and dancing with Leo it's pretty emotional and heartwarming to see our kids learning and dancing by his side.

 Cole was a little nervous about this whole dancing endeavor, until he was introduced to character dance. Dancing and acting?? He was hooked.

 Kalyna and Zak taught the workshop (Two of Leo's kids--to the right above). They were amazing and the kids adored them. It was fun to see them interact with the kids and see how much they resembled their parents......I did feel a bit old considering I remember when Zak was born and Kalyna was a tiny little baby!!

There were lots of smiles and lots of new friends over the two weeks. They haven't stopped listening to their Ukrainian music on the computer, choreographing new dances daily. They've sent letters to their new friends and looked at the several hundred pictures from the performances many times over. They are counting down the days to Ukrainian Day 2012.

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wendy said...

You have amazing kids! So great that you got to do Ukrainian Days.
You feel old? Well, I believe I gave you the dress that Alidia is wearing... Alidia whom I met when she was hours old, and that dress belonged to my now-junior-higher! It's the kids who are old, not us-lol!