September 21, 2011

Birthday, continued.

This girl loves her macaroni and cheese. It has always been her go to birthday dinner request. In fact it has even topped a few Christmas wish lists. And for the record, picture #2 was not posed. That's just the intensity with which she devours her macaroni.

 Since dad was at school, Alidia packed up a cupcake and we dropped it off for him on our way to take Cole to theater class. (It was a bit smashed as she insisted on holding it and carrying it inside at all stops along the way.) When we got home her siblings sang to her again and the two of them dove right in to the Funfetti goodness.

Alidia never really dove in. She took a few licks of the frosting and declared that she was done. But when asked, claimed that she "loved" her cake. So I guess we'll see what she picks next time around...

Tonight we'll do a little mini re-celebration so daddy can be there. And then it's on to the next one....who is already planning and plotting all his birthday desires.

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