September 22, 2011

Planes, Waterfalls, and Weddings

**Warning - There are way too many photos in this post. Proceed with caution.**

Earlier in September we went away for the weekend. On an airplane.

To be honest, this luxury of travel was not something I anticipated us experiencing for a long while. But thanks to our amazingly wonderful friend Beth, we were able to not only go away, but also relax and enjoy our time since we knew the kids were in excellent care and having a blast.

Sometimes I wonder what Jeremy thinks when we go places, because I am just as excited (possibly more excited) than the kids would be. I was giddy over seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Intrigued by all the funny little things on the plane and also more nervous than I anticipated (without the distraction of the kids to keep me calm). Snapping pictures right and left like a crazy tourist.... even in the car. I guess I need to get out more.

Though in my defense, there were a lot of cool, beautiful, historical things to take pictures of. There were also a lot of random things....

We rented a car and drove up to Niagara Falls. Fun, beautiful, and a very cool thing to experience. But I was a little frustrated by how much they charge you for every little thing there. I don't think I would have been able to enjoy it as much or relax there if the kids had been along. That made it easier to not be sad they weren't with us.

Keep in mind....we'd been on an airplane all night. Not our best moment.

After another little drive we reached the destination of our weekend's purpose. The wedding.

First there was the rehearsal, with deer coming out of the woods looking down at us, seriously. Then dinner which ended well into the night with an enormous bonfire. The next day started with a gourmet breakfast for the ladies filled with excitement, nervousness, and laughter. Then......I took a nap..... which was an amazing experience in itself. Then we got dressed and headed off to the wedding.

Seriously the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. Money couldn't buy a more beautiful setting. Let me just give you an idea.... the girls come out of the house (the house she grew up in....on 72 acres of land) walk around the barn. Not stinky animal barn, but cool old artsy rundown barn.  They walk under/through the giant willow tree (whose branches had been cut to create a path).  Then down the rows of chairs to a beautiful arbor that his dad made for their wedding.  Right next to a perfect sized pond. Which then looks up across a meadow and into the woods. Behind all this there is a giant white tent all set up with beautiful table settings and white lights and all that. Amazing. And even though it was gorgeous and fancy and essentially perfect, it was also very homey, relaxing, festive and an insanely good time.

A few more little details........

I was an emotional wreck. No idea why, but I could not keep it together. And ended up having to leave every time I started to talk/hug/anything with Steph. Once the ceremony was over though, I was fine and we all had a great time eating tons of food, dancing, and just hanging out. **By the way, Jeremy did a great job. You couldn't even tell he was nervous!**

We headed up to Rochester late that night, crashed in a hotel for a couple of hours and slept for a good chunk on our 6am flight. It was crazy weird stopping in Atlanta and not leaving the airport. But we jumped on another plane and made it home in time for lunch with the kiddos......but that's another blog post all together.


Tibbslove said...

Oh Emily... thank you for posting such lovely pictures! The wedding pics brought tears to my eyes. It appears to have been lovely.

And you and Jeremy make such an attractive couple! Hawt!

Love you guys.

wendy said...

Can I just are growing into a beautiful, beautiful woman! I mean in relation to the more cute girlishness you had goin' on when I first me you. Inside thru out-- you are gorgeous! xo :)