September 20, 2011

Lots to say.... but instead a BIRTHDAY!

So there's a ton of pictures awaiting their debut here, but I just can't seem to get my act together in putting together some posts. You'll have to wait just a little longer for pics from our trip, first cheer photos, a new pet and a bunch of other random life happenings.

For now....we have a birthday girl to celebrate!

 She woke up being serenaded by her siblings on the guitars. They've been practicing their guitar and "Happy Birthday" behind locked doors for a few days couldn't really tell. But she was grinning from ear to ear!

Last year Alidia was not convinced that she was any older. So we started this morning with some good reaching, stretching and jumping so that we could all be impressed by how much bigger she is now that she's 4! It seemed to work. She feels so much bigger today!

She had a little practice opening some packages yesterday. And she's ready for all sorts of adventures today, including the park, waffles, macaroni and cheese and .........

FUNFETTI! Which she is certain will be the best cake she has ever had in her life! We'll see.

Happy Birthday Alidia!! We love you!!


Tibbslove said...

Alidia! Happy Birthday sweet, gentle girl! We are so fortunate to be your friends! We hope your fourth birthday is the best birthday yet. We love you.
Matt, Beth and Lucas

Buzzy said...

Happy Birthday baby girl. You look beautiful. Even your eyes are smiling. Have a wonderful day and week. I love and miss you. Buzzy