June 08, 2011

Tulip Festival 2011


Thanks to plenty of good spring rain in Oregon this year we were able to make it to the tulip festival on our trip before the tulips were wilting away in the sun. It was nice to have one of our traditions since living in Portland occur despite the move! The down side was that our camera batteries died about 15 minutes into our exploration so photos are limited, which can be a good thing.

But obviously, the photos are more about the kids and less about the tulips. I'll leave that to people who actually know how to take pictures work their camera.

The bunch was in rare form that day I have to tell you. The last few years I've taken the kids alone just for the sake of wandering, taking lots of pictures, and letting them get good and muddy. They act up in different ways depending on their audience and the adults around and they hadn't seen their daddy in a few days........

This bench was more of a "chill yourself out for a while" place to sit rather than a cute photo op. As you can see the older two have already "fallen" into a huge mud puddle. And it is true that at this point I was quite glad to be meeting my parents in an hour to ditch the fam for the night to go to a track meet in Portland.

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