June 09, 2011

Eugene Marathon 2011

One more Oregon tradition that held on for another year was Eugene Marathon weekend. We really need to talk to them about family discounts since all together we entered 6 people in different events, and the track star of the family didn't even run this year.

These 3 eagerly started us off with the kids run bright and early on Saturday.

These 2 were left on the side to watch. Good thing they had each other or it might have gotten ugly.

This is what Alidia looks like when she has to get up at 6 in the morning after a night without mom. Poor girl.

Cole and Aviana took to the front of the pack. Cole had checked out last year's pictures on the website and knew that was where you needed to be if you wanted fame and glory. Aviana just thought it might be an advantageous spot on her quest to win the race. Molly wasn't willing to risk the chaos of the front and scooted James to a safer location on the side. If you look closely you'll notice Aviana intensely prepared and in position and Cole glancing about, taking it in, and loving the crowds. This same mindset continues through the finish line for them both..

Aviana was first in the family. Running hard and fast the whole way despite the pile up at the start that left her with a bloody knee and tear stained cheeks. She is one tough kid.

Cole meandered through the race making sure to see all the other kids who were running, eventually hooking up with Molly and James. He finished the race with lots of smiles and waves as expected. No need to strip off his layers of warm up clothing, he wasn't going to be getting sweaty or anything.
 Cole likes to be comfortable at all cost and he really likes to be cheered for.

James sporting his medal.

 Jeremy took Aviana to the medical tent after to get the little knee bandaged up.

But it was nothing a photo with the giant pancake couldn't cure.

'Til next year..........

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