June 17, 2011

Dance class and the drama of it all


The girls started a dance class a few weeks ago at the rec center. It's something they've been asking for for a while now. As much as I love the idea of them dancing I am terribly afraid of subconsciously putting pressure on them to where they stick with it even if it's not what they love. Kind of ridiculous, I know. But I'm kind of an over-analyzer that way.

Anyway, the first week it was canceled (which we found out after we'd already gotten there and waited 15 minutes).  The second week there was a substitute who was less than wonderful of a teacher.  And this week the teacher was finally there. Although the atmosphere of the class this week was the most chaotic thing I have ever experienced in any sort of "organized" kid activity. No exaggeration. 

 Alidia is absolutely loving the class. She is not fond of the fact that they do not curtsy to their teacher after class, though. It nearly brought her to tears after her first class when she realized that this imperative piece of her dance experience had not occurred.

Aviana is one of the oldest in the class. She would move up to the older class next month if we were going to stick with the program.....but we'll be going elsewhere in the fall. She's quite aware that this class is for "little kids" and doesn't have a lot of patience for the non-listeners in there. I'm noticing some new things about the way she learns and have realized that she's a lot more like me than I ever thought.

Aviana wasn't real excited about picture taking in the first place, plus her sister was adamant about pushing her out of as many as possible.

So take it away Alidia.....

And of course, one of the hand-me-down shoes that she is very proud of.


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