June 06, 2011

Rewind to Easter

Ever since our little May vacation I've fallen off the block on blogging. We were computer-less for a while and I kind of got out of my routine. It's kind of nice to be without technology every once in a while I think.

We've been keeping busy with things like taking down branches and pulling up giant roots. Flooding basements and lots of house guests (not an ideal combo, but we made it work). Summer reading, neighborhood festivals, meeting friends for picnics, going to the $1 movie theater. Jeremy's kicking up his training for his summer triathlons and the kids are getting ready for a few weeks off from school and the start of sports camp and dance class.

But before we get to all that we'll round up some old pictures this week starting with Easter..... it's just a lot of posing in pretty clothes. But our Easter celebration was wonderfully joyous, super fun, and insanely delicious.

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