April 12, 2011

Running around the neighborhood

The kids are gearing up for the Eugene Marathon by tracking their miles on their charts. This will be Aviana's first year participating in the kids run. Cole, however, is a seasoned pro....just ask him. Hopefully the presence of cousins and grandparents will distract Alidia from the realization that she put in just as many miles but gets no glory on race day.

Jeremy will be running the marathon and I will be doing the half with my dad, which I am pretty excited about, despite the lack of training on my end.

Because we didn't already have enough going on while we try to get ready for vacation and stay healthy for the races, we decided to do a little triathlon in our neighborhood last weekend. The first ever for me.

So while the kids gobbled pancakes and snuggled up on the couch watching movies at a friend's house, Jeremy and I (and about 50 other equally crazy people) spent a snowy Saturday morning running, biking, and swimming around the neighborhood.

Quick recap:
Jeremy was fourth overall and first in his age group. A placing that was prize worthy.
Emily stands by her claim that she is not a bicyclist or a swimmer. We'll just leave it at that.


danc said...

Good Luck to ALL:)

Sue said...

Love the pink shoes.