April 11, 2011

Aviana the Bird

Our library always has such fun events. There was a recent lego building "competition" in which everyone basically won in whatever made up category their piece fit into. Most excitingly was that their creations were on display at the library for almost a whole month. This was a seriously proud moment for everyone around here.

Last week there was a bird event in which some people from the Tracy Aviary came with some birds. A very big owl named Barney and a really cool tropical bird of some type named Cambo.

The one time we didn't drag the camera along it was of course our child who would be picked as the volunteer for their presentation. Jeremy had his phone, so that was the best we could do for pictures.

It was pretty cool the way they talked the kids through all the things that are different on a bird than on a little girl. And they added all the things onto Aviana that she would need if she was going to be a bird. She was a stellar little volunteer. It was a good role for her because she got to be involved but didn't have to speak or make eye contact with anyone.

Cole was distraught at his own missed opportunity at being the star of the show, but he more than made up with it in his eagerness to answer every single question. Whether he knew the answer or not. His hand shot up if he so much as thought the presenter was about to ask a question.

The presentation was great, super educational, and they were great interacting with all the kids. They had tons of patience for the many non-sensical answers to questions that they didn't even ask. Gotta love Cole's enthusiasm and confidence. I hope he never loses it, but maybe gains a bit of humility and self control to go along with it.

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Buzzy said...

Good job Aviana.