April 08, 2011


We recently finished reading the book Missionary Stories with the Millers. We've been doing about a chapter a week since the start of the school year. And while at first there was a bit of drudgery toward it that quickly changed and it was the most requested first thing to do each week.

Add the love for that book, plus our advent focus on clean water initiatives, plus Cole's mild obsession with Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and the Waodani Indians and we are left with some very interesting conversations about missionaries with this kid.

Definitely not a bad thing. He's very concerned with people he knows who aren't Christians and will leave Bibles lying around with bookmarks in certain places and notes that say "read this". Did I mention he's real subtle too.

Last week the kids little dig site that they've worked diligently in for months was transformed into a Native village.

There were missionaries being shown around the village by native people. They probably would have gone for a boat ride, but the boat had a hard enough time floating without figures in it. 

There were people being baptized.

And the canning jar over on the right? Well that's the well that the missionaries dug for the village, of course.

On his newest wish list.....this set of books about missionaries. We've been looking to find some used copies.
On the docket for family movie night this week.....End of the Spear (for the second time).

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Buzzy said...

Looks like a lot of fun.