December 22, 2010

National Geographic

On the homeschool web group I subscribe to there was a family giving away all of their National Geographic magazines dating back to 1986. My first thought was that we needed to call this lady right away. My second thought was that a pile of magazines was the last thing we needed in the house. However, the first thought won out and I went with the intention of just taking a few.

Now considering just how many magazines this lady had, I did only take a few. But it was probably a few more than we needed. All that to say, the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. I had many crafty ideas for the pile though Cole about fell over from a heart attack when I suggested taking scissors to the magazines. So I guess those ideas will have to wait until he's grown tired of them.

I wasn't sure Alidia would have any interest, but she picked one right up and starting glancing through it with some enthusiasm.

Then she curled up with her sister and they looked through a few together.

And Cole of course just plopped down on the floor in the midst of them all and began scouring them to find the ones pertaining to the Titanic, the Lusitania, and King Tut of which there were thankfully many.

Now we just need another bookshelf for them all.


wendy said...

I'm sure you can build one out of a crate!! :D

emily* said...

That's kind of the plan. :)

Tami said...

Denny has every geographic from 1968 and would die of a heart attack if we took the scissors to them!! They have come in very handy for homework over the years I must say....and it is only 3 shelves on our bookcase.