December 23, 2010

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Just down the street we have a wonderful little branch library, with the most wonderful children's librarian there ever was. See her there, she's the cutest thing ever and the kids adore her.

Well a few weeks ago the library had a stuffed animal sleepover. Basically the kids got to drop off their animal on Friday afternoon and then pick them up on Saturday morning at a doughnut/slide show party.

And no, I cannot tell you why Aviana has red marker all over her cheeks. I can't remember the circumstances.

In the meantime the librarians spent the evening taking a million (actually she said it was about 200) pictures of the stuffed animals and all the fun things they were doing at the library all night long. Then they put together a little program with a few pictures that they handed out to the kids the next morning along with the slide show of all the pictures. The kids all thought it was just the greatest thing ever.

Aviana decided to wear her pajamas because she felt that was fitting for the occasion. Alidia decided to wear the exact same thing she wore the day before. Neither could be talked out of their wardrobe decisions.

Alidia also didn't quite understand what was happening at the drop off, until it actually happened. I tried to get her to bring a stuffed animal that wasn't so dear to her heart, but she was certain that such a special outing warranted bringing her most special "panda". It wasn't until we had to leave panda at the library and go home without him that she started to see the error of that decision. Aside from her asking when it was time to go get panda about 15 times Friday evening she fared very well without him.


Though she was very very happy when it was time to go to the library the next morning and pick panda up, chocolate frosting on her face and all!


Julia said...

Hey, we did that too! We did the one at the downtown library, since that's where we hang out the most. I thought it was such a cute idea and Grace really loved it.

Sarah said...

what a great idea!