December 21, 2010


One of our science books (How Things are Made) was talking about Legos this week. After much discussion (and apparently not much comprehension) we got to build some stuff together. Props to Cole for being so generous in sharing his Legos with his sisters.

I asked them each these questions a few days after we read about Legos in our book.
1. What is something you learned about Legos?
2. What is your favorite thing about playing with Legos?


1.  You can make all different kinds. Shapes like dinosaurs, people, butterflies, spiders.

2.  You can make museum legos. Like exhibits for a museum.


1.  Before the Lego builders build Legos they draw sketches of what it will look like.

2.  You can build like anything, even things from movies.


1.  They shape them.

2.  Having fun with you mom when we are playing with Legos.
(Seriously?? How sweet was that answer?)

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