December 20, 2010

Haircut - Alidia Edition

Alidia got her first haircut last week. Nothing fancy, just a trim straightening up all those whispy curly baby edges. Cutting off those fine little baby curls is always the hardest for me, but looking at the ratty ends day in and day out isn't great either. So since she was very excited about the idea of a haircut and eager to look "just like Ruthie" from the Kit books we went for it.

**Side note** Ruthie actually has long, dark, curly hair. But Alidia can't believe what beautiful Ruthie hair she has now and we don't have the heart to point out the blatant differences between her hair and Ruthie's.

She was enthralled by the process and sat very still the whole time. Even when I said we were all done she continued to sit while her sister brushed it again and told her all about taking care of a pretty new haircut.....(not exactly the person I'd take hair advice from)..... but Alidia hung on every word.

Then she gladly posed her new do for the camera.

And wanted pictures again when she was all dressed up for church wearing mommy's headband.

I'm really not sure how she got so cute or how she got so grown up. But I love her to pieces.  

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Sue said...

Oh Alidia you are so beautiful. I like your haircut. Love Buzzy