December 19, 2010

Haircut - Aviana Edition

Aviana has been wanting a haircut, a really short haircut. Like she wants people to think she's a boy kind of haircut. Coincidentally, Cole has recently been asking her to pretend to be a boy in lots of their imaginary games. Which makes it hard for us to get behind her haircut wishes.

However, the constant dreadlocked look that comes with the most tangly hair in the universe as well as constantly stuffing her hair up into a hat to hide it from people  (which then makes the tangles worse) caused us to relent....a little.

The other evening Cole needed his hair buzzed around the ears and Alidia was going to receive her first trim,(pictures of that soon!)  so Aviana was going to get her long awaited chop.

 It was far shorter than mommy wanted and still too long for her taste, but it was a good compromise.  

Though she certainly pulls off the short little pixie cut very well.


wendy said...

Totally cute, Aviana! I have discovered Jojoba oil for my own rat's nest...a tiny drop rubbed into the ends works wonders on the fro. :)

Sarah said...


Sue said...

Very beautiful hair like you are Aviana. Love it.