December 18, 2010

Tummy Art

On Tuesday nights momma gets out of the house. I leave something easy for dinner and hop out the door just the minute Jeremy gets home. Then I head over to some friends to eat, chat, watch Glee, hot tub, and generally be completely relaxed and unconcerned with reality. Sounds nice, huh?

Well, the kids love it because nine times out of ten they get to watch a movie when I'm gone and that's always a win in their book. 

This week they decided to draw while watching their movie, apparently unbeknown to Jeremy.

As he left for work the next morning he tells me, "Don't be alarmed when you go to get Alidia dressed this morning." Which of course makes me alarmed. Though it was nothing to stress out about, just a little a lot of marker that will all come off after several scrubbing baths. Though I will say I'm glad I had warning when I pulled off her pajamas.

She found it rather amusing to look at.


TStibes said...

Hilarious! She's a talented artist! Missed sharing this Tuesday, but hopefully after the holidays we'll pick up where we left off.

Anonymous said...

I remember those times! I'd think my hsband was being so sweet to watch the kids while I went out for mommy time! I'd come home to a wrecked house, toys everywhere, sink full of dirty dishes, with rowdy kids that were still up way past bedtime and there was the "sweet" thoughtful husband.... stil asleep on the couch! Oblivious to it all:)
Love ya!
Grandma Darlene