February 02, 2010


Alidia and I have been working on manners these days. We're attempting to move her out of the I'm the baby and can get away with whatever I want stage and into the You have the same expectations as everyone else in the family stage. Although, I'm certain that being the baby she will never fully enter that phase of life until she leaves home, but whatever.

She comes into the kitchen while dinner is cooking and says..."Me want cwacka." Loudly and quite assured that I would indeed hand her a cracker due to her demand.

I told her no, it was almost time for dinner. To which she melted to the floor in dire desperation, yelling "me want cwacka" all the while.

I rolled my eyes and knelt down next to her and asked if she really thought that was a good way to ask for a cracker.

Now imagine a sly smile creeping across that chubby little face and a squealy little sing-songy voice asking "Please may me have cwacka?"

Too close to dinner? Ha! I guess she will certainly never enter the equality stage of life in this house.

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