February 04, 2010


For some reason we have this little stream of ants that often finds its way in through the cracks around the window in the kitchen. We won't see them for weeks and then suddenly they are a constant nuisance, appearing frequently throughout the day. Often there is no rhyme or reason to their time of appearance, dirty dishes sometimes lure them from their place in the wall, but sometimes not. Occasionally food on the table or spilled on the floor brings them out in droves and other times the spilled applesauce on the floor goes unnoticed.

As we ate dinner one evening, Jeremy noticed them coming out of a particular crack under the windowsill. So he jumped up and decided right then that he needed to get out the gluegun and fill the crack with hot glue. (Interesting tactic, I'll let you know how it works out.)

Well, what I failed to mention was that Cole has a particular affection for these ants. He cries when I squish one and frantically tries to save each one if he sees them before I do.

Anyway, here comes Jeremy with the glue gun, irritated about the ants. It's late, Cole's tired and boy does he lose his mind over the murderous activity that he sees about to go down. As I drag him away to the bathroom to brush his teeth and hopefully distract him from the deeds of his father and gleefully assisting sisters he calls out in a growly voice, "I might as well just kill him. Just so he knows how it feels."

Which I felt was a quote worthy of remembering. Watch your back Jeremy, the hammer of justice may befall you and your evil plots of ant destruction.

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Der Fanatiker said...

This is my favorite post you've ever posted. It's official Emily, Cole is a hippy.