January 29, 2010

A brief re-cap

If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed that blogging has been fairly low on the to-do list these last few weeks. It's partly because taking pictures and then actually uploading them to the computer has been even lower on that list. But I will attempt to catch you up with a few pictures of January, or at least of the few times in January when the batteries in the camera weren't dead......

We started out with some daddy time...building one of several wood projects that came our way in a Christmas package. Fun for all. And a snack for Alidia, what else?


We had our first friend sleepover, with our super cool friends, the Budd's. Here's the whole crew watching a movie, all in their pj's and ready for a good night's sleep. A few weeks later there was a take 2 on this sleepever party, this time at their house. I think it should become a common trade-off, what do you think Budd's??? Did I mention Sarah is an amazing photographer?? Just so you know, she is.....check her out.
There has been much experiment making. I'm not sure where this particular experiment began or really how it ended, it was mostly a mixing of anything they could get their hands on. It took on many colors, textures, and odors in the four days it was allowed to reside on the kitchen counters. New things were added daily and by the end I think the scientists determined it was a success, because now that they've been reminded of it by looking at this picture they are hot to experiment some more. Maybe we'll go with something a bit more organized and purposeful this time, but then again, where's the fun in that?!?

Washing dishes is the most common chore request lately. I'm not sure if it is the splashing water that is the most fun, the little scrubber you get to use, the fact that mommy doesn't care how you do it as long as she doesn't have to do dishes, or the fact that the two who don't get a turn at that time whine like crazy that it's not fair and you as the winner of the chore get to gloat over your prime chore assignment. At any rate, they do a pretty good job.

Then we have the band, most commonly the Beatles, but occasionally others. Here you see them in action, singing, dancing, and generally rocking out.

Probably the biggest news of the month is the infamous swallowed tooth. Yep, Cole's first tooth was lost this month. It was hanging by a thread for days, we tried to convince him to pluck it out, but he wouldn't have it. We gave him some space about it and didn't yank it out against his will. But maybe we should have so that he wouldn't have swallowed it right along with his lunch one afternoon. Oh well, he's got another one that's starting to wiggle, maybe we'll get this one out in time.

I'm not sure what this was all about, but it caused hysterical running and laughing throughout the house for a good hour.
Silly, silly kids.

Hugs to you from the crazy Cox kids. Maybe mommy will be more attuned to posting our exciting adventures on a regular basis going forward....but don't count on it.

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Sarah said...

ummm yes! totally it should be a regular occurance!

And hey thanks for the plug! :)