December 02, 2009

Poor Spider

I was sitting at the computer this morning, replying to a few e-mails while the kids were off getting dressed for the day and cleaning their least that's what they were supposed to be doing. In their defense they did head in there with good intentions, but you see they found a spider. And they are big advocates for the rescuing of all innocent bugs that find their way inside our home. Ants, beetles, flies, spiders, anything they find is gently scooped up and delivered to the safety of the front porch to be free.

So I listen to the shuffles from the bedroom as they attempt to corner the spider who is just trying to get away from their grabby fingers. Cole and Aviana are discussing ideas back and forth as they try to figure out how best to catch it. Alidia is all the while squealing and hollering incoherently which I could certainly tell was flustering their organizational efforts.

Despite this, a plan is in place. Cole has the spider cornered. Aviana has a book at the ready. Alidia is still observing and keeping her distance. Here's how it's gonna go down..........

Cole will keep the spider where he has it, Aviana will go and open the front door, upon her return she will use her book to gently nudge the spider towards the book Cole is holding, forcing it to climb onto it, then Cole will take it directly out the already open front door to the safe haven of the great outdoors. Ready? GO.

Aviana runs out of the room and asks me if she can open the door. She tries to explain why, but is quite anxious and in an obvious hurry that she can't quite get the words out. I don't make her suffer long, as I already know what is going on, so I tell her to go ahead and open it. As she turns to head back in, Cole lets out a mournful cry from the other room. He appears from the bedroom with a burdened look and a drooping book. "Alidia stepped on it", he announces. Aviana turns to quietly shut the door. I look to see her drooping shoulders and hear her mumble under her breath "That nasty Alidia".

I held it together, I did not laugh though I desperately wanted to. Instead I hugged them, acknowledged the loss, and turned them back to their original task. Alidia went on to find something to play with, unfazed by the whole experience. The spider was wiped up and flushed away, never to be released into the freedom that is the front porch. Poor Spider.


Steph said...

So funny. Sometimes you just can't help but laugh. Poor little spider. :o)

danc said...

I happen to agree with ALIDIA:)