November 07, 2009


We stopped by the store after church last week to get a few things and Jeremy decided to swing by the seafood counter for something to fix for lunch. Much to the delight of the children he purchase a half a pound of "baby lobsters". As we made our way through the rest of the store Cole repeatedly hooped and hollered about how much fun we were going to have "exploring" our lunch. It was a tiny bit embarrassing.

Once we got home it was all Aviana on the actual exploring. The bag shook and when the crawfish moved he was certain they were alive and hysterically refused to touch them. Aviana had no problem with it.

Alidia wasn't so sure about this whole thing and hung back a bit skeptical of it all.

Until Jeremy began showing them all the different parts and dissecting it for them, then she was right in there taking it all in.

But then I guess they got bored with the lesson and began to play with them.

Which freaked Alidia out just a little bit.

In the end Cole and Jeremy were the only ones who ate any, so it was a good thing we had a few other things to eat for lunch as well.

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