December 03, 2009

Bible Stories

Alidia sat beside me today as I was looking up some scripture for a prayer group tonight. She kept trying to snitch my Bible and finally got fed up and went in search of her own. She returned moments later with her picture Bible and I loved listening to her as she "read" through it. For the first few minutes she furrowed her brow and studied the picture of Adam and Eve. She pointed at each one, saying "Adam, Eve, Adam, Eve, 1 apple, flowers, 1 apple, Adam, Eve. Where Snake?"

Then she moved on to Noah "this house in water, this animals...who this, who this? Tell me momma, tell me" So I paused and we talked about Noah and all of his family.

Then we skipped a few chapters and when she saw baby Jesus she announced, "This Jesus." Then she ran and got her little nativity set and said "This Jesus too". I flipped to a picture of Jesus on the cross and asked her if she knew who that was. She said "Tell me momma, tell me" (her newest phrase). I told her it was Jesus, to which she ferociously said "No, not Jesus". Despite my insistence she would not be swayed. That was not Jesus.

She quickly decided she'd had enough of my lies and launched into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then she jumped off the couch and ran to find Aviana. Leaving me and my blasphemous Bible stories behind.

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