December 15, 2009

Scandinavian Dance

In September the kids started Scandinavian Dance. It's super low key, they only practice every other week and it's in the evenings, which is nice because daddy can come too! Alidia isn't super happy to go to practice because you have to be 4 years old to dance and she pretty much knows all the dances already. She even wears her black "dance" shoes every time we go. One week she talked the teacher into giving her a name tag at the start of class. She was super pleased because she thought it was her golden ticket to move onto the dance floor. Tears were shed when she realized that was not the case.

Anyway, they had their first big performance two weeks ago at ScanFair on the campus of Portland State. They were very excited. As we drove downtown at 8 in the morning we realized we are entering a new phase of parenting, when your Saturday plans are generally determined by the activities and plans of your children. Frightening, but also incredibly fun.

They had a blast dancing up on the big stage. Cole was craning his neck searching the crowd for us during the first few dances and once he spotted us his ear to ear grin never faded. Aviana was on major sensory and experience overload. You could just tell by her face that everything was so new, exciting, terrifying, and intriguing all at the same time. Towards the end she made eye contact with Jeremy and the silly tongue sticking out began, but thankfully by that point she was almost done. She fell asleep on the way home and slept for several hours while her little exhausted body recovered from all the new experiences.

In just the last few practices they've started to branch out and choose partners other than each other, they've started to remember the names of a few of the other kids, and they ask every week if it is dance class week.

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