October 27, 2009

Zoo Key

One last birthday post for little miss Alidia. Her brother and sister had promised her a zoo key for her birthday. Cole figured out that it would only cost them each one dollar and then they wouldn't have to share their zoo keys with her anymore. It was a win-win gift situation.

Alidia was thrilled. Before we left for the zoo she picked out the ribbon she wanted to have to tie it on to. Then she examined her choices carefully when we got to the ticket window. She decided to go with the red lion. When we got home she wanted to show it off for a picture.

There it is......

Do you see it????

This is her annoyed look when I told her not to hold it so close to the camera.....

When asked what her favorite animal at the zoo was she said "Crocodile". Then after a long pause she said, "elephants, big one, Baby Sam." Then another long pause, then "lions, Baby Sam, Baby Sam".

I think I'll go with Baby Sam as her favorite zoo animal.

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