October 28, 2009

Trail Run

Jeremy did a Team Red Lizard trail run last week. The kids had fun running all about the course trying to spot him along the way.

Aviana wanted to pose by the "beautiful lake". (i.e. the disgustingly dirty holding tanks for city drinking water).

Yes, that is a dog's ball in the water.

Cole as always found a stick to turn into a weapon.

And Alidia was trying to enjoy the view from her perch on my back.

Then Aviana wanted to pose some more.

While Alidia got out for awhile and was entertained for a bit by the fact that her pants had pockets.

Cole was right there when dad came around the corner to make sure he got his high-five, but of course the camera wasn't out for that. Though I did get one of Cole telling him which way to go, just in case Jeremy got confused.

They found themselves a nice little place on the playground where they could see the course coming down the hill.....

So they were certain not to miss daddy coming in to the finish. (They ran right through the playground, which was convenient for us, but probably annoying to the runners when little people strayed onto the course.)

Alidia did join in the finish line cheering, she had found a rocking horse and she was content to stay there for the rest of the race.

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