October 26, 2009

Cole's Birthday

Cole really wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party. He was in charge of decorations and together he and Aviana covered most every wall in the house with drawings and printouts of Star Wars characters. Apparently Jeremy was in charge of games, so he came up with a "pin the tail on the donkey" type game, more aptly named...Place the bomb (milk jug) on the Death Star. Disturbingly inappropriate, but still enjoyed by the birthday boy.

When the game was over Aviana decided to give Cole some random birthday love. She's never big on giving people much personal space, but he didn't seem to mind the attention at this moment.

It was off to the kitchen for some chocolate cake. Cole even lit the candles himself. Thank goodness for extra long matches and mommy's fear of fire having dwindled slightly with time.

It takes a lot to blow out all those candles.

When all was said and done there were some very messy, but happy little faces smiling for the camera.

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danc said...

We love those "messy" faces!!