October 23, 2009

Georgia Boxes

Cole was highly anticipating this box from Georgia, he just knew he would be getting one for his birthday.

He was not disappointed with the plethora of Star Wars goodness he found tucked inside.

He gleefully devoured his photo album, laughing and smiling at each familiar picture and memory relived.

The girls found something to entertain themselves with for awhile.

While Cole got to work right away coloring and playing the games in the new activity books.

I think I am going to like having a six year old. The discovery of word searches, crossword puzzles and other such games at this age will surely provide hours of entertainment for him and his parents as well, in fact it already has. I love it!

A few days later another box from Georgia arrived, this time it was full of surprises for everyone. New socks and new undies, plus new coats handmade by a woman in Canada. They are sure to be warm and cozy as the winter weather approaches. They were happy to pose for a picture or two.......

But then a squirrel ran down the fence which caused Cole to announce that the squirrel pooed on his head, which of course elicited extreme laughter from his sisters, which then meant that all possibility of seriousness was long gone.

However we did manage some math a little later that afternoon.

So the m&m's that were in the box came in handy for a variety of counting, sorting, adding, and subtracting games. Subtraction came into play mainly when Alidia would find a way to snitch one out of the pile.

Thank you!!

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DK said...

Those rain coats look great! Completely waterproof but also soft and warm on the inside! What a perfect balance. Perfect for Oregon.