October 22, 2009

Me Happy Birthday too!!

Cole may be adept at making his birthday stretch far longer than necessary, but his baby sister is most definitely the master at this feat. Whenever a birthday is mentioned she quickly pipes up with "Me happy birthday too!"
So when the box from Grandpa George and Grandma Bobbie arrived yesterday she was certain that it must be just for her. After a bit of persuasion we convinced her to stop clinging to the box so that we could actually open it and see what was inside.

Cole quickly changed into his new ninja costume, although he is so insistent that it is a knight costume that we finally stopped trying to correct him.

Alidia loved her new quilt and immediately lay down to try it out for herself.

Then she rushed to get a baby to wrap up in it and rock, which is what she has been doing ever since.

Except for right now, because she is napping, all curled up with the quilt in hand.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts. They are absolutely perfect and they both adore them!

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