July 16, 2009

Painter #2 - In her undies.

Aviana takes a much different approach to her paintings. She dives right in with no plan or purpose, just lots of bright color and big brush strokes.

A little ways in she decided the painting needed to be turned so she could look at it from a fresh angle.

Then she decided to find a new paper to paint while she thought about what to do next.

She realized she might need a more significant break to recharge the soul and hit the playground for some wild swinging action.

Then she was back at it with some seriousness and determination this time around.

A little more paint mixing.....

and ta-dah......

Her room is a disaster as we transition the girls into their new beds and sort out old toys and clothes, so the painting has not found it's official place of honor quite yet. Plus she's not quite sure it is totally finished and says she wants to go back and change some things, but she just hasn't felt ready to commit to finishing the project.

I just love that she even felt the need for the apron. It's not like she had any clothes to worry about getting the paint on.

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