July 15, 2009

Painter #1 - All about pets.

A while back we bought some decent art canvases for super cheap at a craft store sale we just happened to come upon. We had been saving them for a day when we were feeling exceptionally patient and artistic. That day arrived when Jeremy's sisters were in town to bring a little more artistic skill to the mix.

Cole took his time mixing his colors and planning out what he would create on his blank canvas. Knowing what a perfectionist he can be I was a little worried that he would not be happy with the outcome of his project. He has recently been very concerned with pets and has a great desire for us to acquire quite a variety of pets which he reads about constantly in a book of pets that he has.

So naturally his painting centered on pets as its subject. Our camping trip was also fresh in his mind, so there were quite a few elements of the trip that made it into the painting as well.

He recruited Aunt Ruth to paint with him a little....

Stood back to admire his work from time to time.....

And now he has given the painting a prime display location directly above his bed where he can "look at it all the time".

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Sarah said...

that painting is crazy awesome.