July 05, 2009

Big Time Bike Ride

After a very fun and busy week that has left us with a very messy house, we decided to take the afternoon and get things back in order for the week.......JUST KIDDING! Ha, Yeah right......instead we decided to stroll about the neighborhood on our bikes, hit the DQ for a little treat and play the afternoon away at the park.

Aviana insisted on riding, despite the fact that she has never ridden further than the strip of road in front of the house. And she's never even done that without stopping for a few breaks along the way. She was so determined that we decided to let her give it a try. While she was quite slow and had to have a little push every time there was a little rise in the road, it was worth the beaming grin on her face. (Sorry, no pictures, but you can imagine it was very sweet!)

And watching her little legs pedal just as hard as they could while she called out "Look at me, I'm doing so good!" was pretty fun too. Once we reached the park she announced that her feet were hurting and displayed for us two enormous blisters on the back of her heels.

After a few tears, we loaded her into the trailer with her sister, hooked her bike to the back of daddy's and headed for home, where she promptly crashed after her exhausting first big ride!

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