March 28, 2009

A habitat, a headband, and making butter with dad

This week Aviana and I constructed her elephant (and zebra and giraffe) habitat. We decided felt was the way to go if we wanted these to be projects that wouldn't be broken within a few weeks of playing with them. So we sat together and talked about what she thought the animals might need in their homes and cut and glued as we went along. She wanted grass, that wasn't completely glued down so that the elephants could pull it up to eat it; a pond, for them to have water to drink; and trees, for them to eat leaves from. She loves it and sets it up in a new arrangement pretty much every time she walks by it sitting on the counter.

Aviana is also really into wearing headbands right now. Which is annoying because her hair is rather unruly and really needs to be contained in tight pigtails or buns. It is nice though because before the headbands she just wanted to wear it completely free and unconfined, so I guess I'm happy with the headbands. The sad news is that the only headband that really fit well (and was pink and sparkly and a gift from Aunt Katie) broke by her own hands this morning. After a bought of truly grief-stricken tears and a promise from daddy to visit the Dollar Store after our errands she survived the mishap. Two new headbands later she's all smiles!

And making butter with daddy. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.

PS The chicken coop is finished and looks very nice, it even has a fancy window so we can check on them without having to disturb them every time. If it ever stops raining I'll take some pictures of it.

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