March 25, 2009

Chicken Update

The chickens are getting big and still living comfortably in their half finished coop. I don't think they mind that the only way in or out is through the nesting box flap, but it gets old for me trying to wrangle their food and water dishes out the small holes without getting pecked at. Plus you can only get the chickens out if they are semi-willing to come close to the openings so that you can grab at them.

We had big excitement this afternoon when we went outside to play. It had been raining most of the day and they found worms to eat!! The kids loved it so much that then they were digging up more worms for them to eat.....well, I mean Aviana was digging up worms for them to eat.

Cole insisted that Aviana lay one on the edge of the coop to try and coax out his timid chicken.....

... but no such luck, she was happy to stay inside today, warm and dry. She's a prissy little chicken and a bit particular about things, kind of like her owner.

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