March 25, 2009

The truth about berries

Yesterday afternoon while we were playing Cranium we came across this question:

Neither strawberries nor raspberries are actually berries. True or False?

Answer: True - Botanically, both are classified as aggregate fruits. Blueberries are one example of a true berry.

Cole's Response: That is so rude of them to write that. They must be lying to us. (Filled with exasperated gasps and grunts)

Aviana's response: (After a moment of pensive thought) But they are berries. They're called strawBERRIES and raspBERRIES.

After some explanation they came to accept it and then told Jeremy all about it when he got home and I think he was wondering what the heck I'm teaching these kids...

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JOY C said...

My favorite response is Cole'
s!!!! Love that kid!