September 17, 2008

Trillium Lake

On a whim we set out for Trillium Lake last Saturday afternoon. We decided to enjoy the beautiful summer day because we know they will be gone far too soon!

The weather was perfect, the kids were pleasant and the trail around the lake was a flat two miles (easy enough for the kiddos, not so good for their stress-fractured leg father....but hey the trip was his idea).

Afterward we drove up to Timberline Lodge. The kids were highly impressed by our ability to just drive up the side of the mountain, although they were a bit disappointed when they realized we couldn't drive all the way to the top. After getting out and observing the scene Aviana decided that she would be climbing that mountain when she got big enough, Cole promptly began to freak out declaring how unsafe that would be.... they are quite a pair!

On the way home we stopped to play some miniature golf. A good lesson in patience for parents is to take a 3 and 4 year old to play miniature golf. Rules go out the window, there are a lot of way cooler things to look at and touch when you are out on the course, and if you want the ball to go in the hole then why don't you just walk over and drop it in?? Aviana found that to be a much more efficient method of playing the game, again much to legalistic Cole's distress.

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