September 25, 2008

Errands Gone Wrong

This morning I drug the children away from their endless game of Prince Caspian in the backyard. They head straight outside when they wake up in the morning, insist on eating their meals outside in character and have only graced me with their presence when they've been surprised with a little sprinkling of rain here and there. All school related activities have been done outside and I am now being called "the tutor" as Prince Caspian calls his teacher. Here they are in a few of their ever changing Narnian costumes....

So I drug them away and set out to be productive. We took back the kids' popcans (thanks Aunt Katie) and then they were hot to spend the $2 they had each earned. We made several stops and had a list a mile long of things we actually needed but somehow not a single thing on that list ended up making it home. We did end up with:

The finishing touch to Cole's knight gear he has been collecting (the helmet):

A collection of random pieces that I am supposed to magically transform into a brown cookie with pink frosting costume:

A drum, a microscope, bins to organize the playroom, fabric scraps, the cutest $3 shoes I've ever seen (but those were for me!)and so much more randomness it is too much to tell.

But the best part of the day was Aviana's first pair of ballet shoes (which I guess were the one thing that were actually on the list). Now I did try with dilligence to find some used (i.e. cheap) ballet slippers for her, but I was amazed at how difficult that was. I'm sure they are out there, but I was just looking in all the wrong places. So while I did cringe at the price.....I was secretly joyful at helping my little girl pick out her first pair of brand new pink ballet slippers.

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Vanillabean said...

Yeah her first ballet shoes! I can't wait to put Lucia in a ballet class.