September 27, 2008

Birthdays and other things

Last Saturday (yes I know I'm a week late on this) was Alidia's first birthday! We had a fun birthday BBQ at the park with all of her "friends". It was mostly Cole and Aviana's friends, so we decided to celebrate Cole's birthday a few weeks early and just have a big party together! She had a great time, but she wasn't too sure about the sticky frosting all over her hands!

She spent the rest of the week breaking in 4 brand new teeth, fighting a cold and a little diaper rash, and finished that off with shots at the doctor. It's rough being 1! Although airing out the bum did provide us with some good pics that we'll want to bring out later in life...

A trip to the library to see a zoo exhibit, a potluck at the park and the transformation of boxes into play houses finished out the week with a little more fun!

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