September 13, 2008

Sun Gold Farm

We finished up our first week of school with a trip out to Sun Gold Farm, where we are members of their CSA program. After a short tour of the farm and a few tasty treats from the produce bins we headed out to explore the property on our own for the afternoon. We wandered up and down rows of tomatoes, summer squash and cucumbers. We watched a machine working hard at harvesting rows and rows of beans. We tasted apples from the orchard and ate blackberries along the creek. We collected golf balls across from the neighboring golf course and climbed on stacks of hay bales. We observed grasshoppers, bumblebees, ladybugs and ducks. We took a break from the heat beneath a shady tree by the berry patch and savored the sunny day.

After napping their way home from the farm we finished off the day with a cool swim at the local community center. Such sweet last days of summer...

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