September 12, 2008

The 10 Commandments

In an attempt to stay in bed for five more minutes this morning I suggested that the kids bring a book in to read with me. Somehow this request turned my bedroom into a combat zone of pushing and fighting because they were each equally determined to have their book read first.

When Aviana hauled off and hit Cole he decided he'd had enough. "Aviana", he yelled, "I need to tell you about the 10 commandments. They are like rules, but they're God's rules."

What are those rules, I asked...

"No lying, no stealing, no hitting (as he looks at his sister), no pushing or shoving, no talking back unless you have a question, and.....hold on I need to go get my Bible so we can see the rest..." and off he runs to his room.

So you can guess which story we ended up reading first...

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