July 26, 2008

Cole the Triathlete

Cole woke up this morning and announced to me that this afternoon he wanted to go out to eat. When asked why he said "Because today is my special day!"

Today was Cole's first triathlon!!He had a blast and did so well in all three events. The run was by far the easiest for him and the area where he had the most fun. Being one of the smaller kids who was getting through the event on their own power (i.e not in a bike trailer or stroller)I was very impressed with his stamina. He was one of the slower ones in the swim and bike, but he made up a lot of time in the run. After a 50 meter swim, a 2-mile bike ride and a 1/2 mile run you would think he would be tired, but no, he is standing here by my side telling me all about what I should tell all of you. Yes, it was a special day that Cole has been looking forward to all summer and not to worry, we took him out to eat afterwards!

Here's a little play by play in pictures of Cole's very first triathlon.

Waiting for the whistle...

Heading out to T1...

Getting started on the bike at the first big downhill

And heading back in from the bike loop, a little tired, but still having fun!

Coming around the final bend of the run and through to the finish!!

Proof he is a serious triathlete (he kept trying to look at the back of his leg during the race.

Post-race photos!!

And of course a few shots of his adorable cheering section who were incredibly patient through the ordeal despite the fact that it was hot, mom didn't bring snacks, and there was a whole area of bounce houses just begging to be jumped in..

Enjoying lunch out at Sweet Tomatoes!!

And finally trying on his new triathlon t-shirt and sharing his finisher's medal with the dog...

And a little quote from Cole as he worked his way through the bike course:
Daddy, I think I'm gonna win!

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Grandma Buzzie said...

Way to go Cole. You are AWESOME. I am so proud of you. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them. I had tried to call you before I went to work to see how much fun you had. It was a real treat to come home and then see your race pictures and your chearleaders. I love you lots, Buzzie